Theatrical & Casino Showroom Offerings

Jeff McBride's shows have been winning standing ovations from sell-out crowds in casino showrooms, in theaters of all sizes and at festivals all around the world for over 30 years.

Shows range from the extremely intimate and powerful Magic Behind the Mask, in which McBride takes the audience along on his own personal journey of discovery, on up to the full-evening illusion spectacle of Abracadazzle, with 3-5 assistants, full production numbers and large illusions.

McBride's most popular theatrical show is currently Magic at the Edge, in which he is joined by two assistants. The show can be adjusted to fit the particular needs of almost any venue - whether as a one-night special event or in longer runs.

All of McBride's shows are custom-tailored to fit the anticipated audiences and venues - shows in China are different from those in the US - those in casino showrooms have a quite different pace and theme than those in theaters or at arts festivals.

Magic For...

Corporate Events & Fundraising Galas

You’re having an event. The troops have gathered. Rooms are booked and speakers lined up. When you’ve invested your time and money in a major event, you want to ensure it will be a memorable, cohesive and effective experience for all. You need some glue - a framework to bring it all together.

Enter Jeff McBride, your Magical Master of Ceremonies.

Having hosted a wide range of events over the past twenty years, McBride understands just the right way to serve each different one. He knows how to provide an amazing and appropriate set-up for each interstitial bit so that all the parts flow together, how to ensure the event will come together as a whole.

“Different events need different kinds of hosts, and that’s where I can put my special talents to best use,” says McBride. “I’ve been wearing different masks, shifting between different roles, both on and off stage, for my whole career. I enjoy being able to change from playing an over-the-top character in bizarre costume to the sort of professional, business-like persona you would expect from a keynote speaker at a major conference, all in a matter of minutes.”

Magic is so much more than tricks:
Speaker, teacher, performer, facilitator

Every event has different needs, and McBride is the master facilitator who can supply entertaining elements to make your event the memorable and meaningful experience you want. Jeff McBride has been creating and hosting events since he was a young man. Combining the talents of a brilliant performer, engaging master of ceremonies, and a knowledgeable keynote speaker, he mixes a perfect blend to bring all the parts of your event together into a memorable and cohesive whole. Pairing original illusions, inspiring stories and acting skills to his troubleshooting qualities behind the scenes, McBride provides an almost magical frame for your event that will keep it flowing and make everyone shine.

Consultant - Speaker - Teacher

Jeff McBride is widely sought after as a consultant, both for magicians and for television and corporate projects which wish to use theatrical magic, or to better understand the uses of magic. He has consulted for the PBS series "The Art of Magic," Discovery Channel's "Mysteries of Magic," and many more.

Magicians come from around the world to take private consultations with "show doctor" McBride, including such well-known artists as Hans Klok, Lawrence Khong, whose "Magic of Love" is Asia's largest touring magic show, Berk, the Turkish winner of "Phenomenon - The Next Uri Geller" TV show...and many others.

He is also founder of The McBride Magic & Mystery School, now in it's 25th year, and described by the BBC as the "Word's most prestigious school for magicians."

Recent News

Jeff McBride's Wonderground magic nightclub recently celebrated entering its 10th year of operation! The Wonderground takes place every third Thursday, at The Olive on East Sunset. Hosting luminary magical and other performance artists as well as the Press and fans of magic, the club is often frequented by such luminaries as Mac King, Robin Leach, Criss Angel, Lance Burton, Xavier Mortimer and others.


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